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The Aspiring Mystic blog is a collection of personal stories of first-hand experiences of challenge and insight native to walking the mystical path. All stories are factual and true as experienced by the author. Each story is accompanied by a Sacred Reality Commentary section that explores the spiritual science at play in the experience shared. These stories are offered for your enjoyment. The Sacred Reality Commentary is offered for those who want to investigate the science demonstrated inside these stories as a support for their own mystical walk. As such, the Sacred Reality Commentary is available to members.

Female by Patou Ricard, Pixabay

Feminine persons have a lot to say regarding various degrees of sexual harassment all too many have experienced and had to figure out how to deal with. I am no exception. However, as a practice, I do not identify as a victimized woman. If I don’t practice freedom in my own mind, how...Read more

Michael Nadtochi y Y'amour dancing tango at Pier 45 in NYC

I arrived in Red Hook a few minutes early, excited to meet and learn new tango insights from two visiting maestros. First, there was Michael Nadtochi, with whom I was well familiar yet never tired of. His dancing is always...Read more

Raking Leaves - by Peggy Choucair on Pixabay

It was approaching lunchtime when a telephone serviceman, who we’d been expecting, came barreling up the driveway. His head, and practically his torso, hung out of the window of his van. And his mouth was agape with a smile that wrapped his face from ear to ear. It was apparent to me...Read more

White pigeon landing

It was close to dark. I went out to put away my chickens and pigeons. When I got to the chicken barn, all the chickens were in and on their roosts. I was closing the door when a white pigeon flew from the pigeon coop right at me and turned a couple of feet from my face to swoop back...Read more

Where is the Now? - photo credit: Gerd Altmann,

One day, at work, as I was carrying out various job-related routines, I felt a sudden drop in my energy level and a noticeable amount of agitation. Prior to arriving at work, my energy level was great. I had strength and ease for the duration of my morning activities and I felt...Read more

Meditative insight while stretching

Here I sit, grateful because I feel connected to my body in such a way as to have just been able to listen through my feeling sense to know what my body needs for release of long term chronic tensions. I was just completing a series of routine exercises designed to support my hip and...Read more