Aspiring Mystic Blog

The Aspiring Mystic blog is a collection of personal stories of first-hand experiences of challenge and insight native to walking the mystical path. All stories are factual and true as experienced by the author.

Each Aspiring Mystic blog post contains two parts:

  • The Art: A personal experience of insight or other sharable significance, true as recalled by the author
  • The Science: Explication written by Sacred Reality staff examining one or more issues demonstrated in the personal experience that universally impact everyone's journey of self-inquiry along the mystical spiritual path

The art sections of the blog posts are available to all. The science sections are written for Sacred Reality members: those who feel personally supported by the way Sacred Reality discusses the truth of being human and who thus feel good about giving a little something to support the ministry in return.

So, read, explore, enjoy. If it resonates and you want to become a member, welcome!

Self-Respect: Who is the self we are respecting?

I have lately noticed that my body shares with me a sense of relief and light, happy energy when I eat raw fruits or veggies. And sometimes when I eat cooked food, even if it's very healthy home-made, my body has been responding with a depressed energy. So I’ve been listening and...Read more

Forgiving subconscious patterns around intimacy and sex

I recently ran across an article called The Female Price of Male Pleasure. It discussed something I had not ever personally thought about, but realized I had most definitely experienced: a...Read more

The Math of Manifestation - Illustration of meditation with colors and geometric patterns surrounding a meditating figure

Many years ago, I used to travel often from upstate NY to Manhattan, to see massage clients. These trips were very long days for me, but they paid really well. And I since I also enjoyed my profession, I was grateful for the work, even though these excursions to NYC could be...Read more

Following a tug of intuition - lamp lights along a snowy road on a cold winter night

It was a frigid Sunday evening in late January, and I was getting ready for my weekly 7pm session with my client. Yet as I was about to pull out of my driveway, I felt this energy pulling me back, like it didn’t want me to go. This energy was a bit counterintuitive, as I was already...Read more

Challenging my belief in death and how that adds up with Love - unsolved Rubik's Cube on a sandy beach

It is a fact that death is a widespread experience among human beings. I have been touched by it quite personally through the loss of two of my immediate family members. Death is a serious issue with which to content.

As one who is committed to realizing a reality founded in a...Read more

The Playfulness of Spirit: Manifestation with a Sense of Humor - Red Tie, Brown Shirt

A few years ago, we had the very first Hudson Valley Tango Festival ever. It became the first and only tango festival to be held in my home city – just a twenty-minute drive from my house!

It was three days of tango workshops all day and tango social dancing with performances in...Read more

Receiving Jesus - the Sacred Heart, geometrically illustrated

The following is a text exchange, catching up with friend and brother in spirit, Sagar Mehta:

I feel peaceful in the fresh unknown of a new moment.
Which is exactly where I want to be.

Wow plz share your peaceful experience
...Read more

Perfectly blue skies on the drive to the massage center

A few years back, I was working as a massage therapist at an upscale retreat center in the Catskills. One summer day, I was driving to work, off to give a “couple’s massage” …a type of massage done with another therapist and two clients, side-by-side. With my sunroof open and my...Read more

Spiritual Intuitive Awareness is Essential to Safety

As I write this, our world community faces a major disruption of normal activities due to Covid-19. Fear and concern for safety are on the rise as reported cases of viral infection and death climb in the news all around. In the very town in which I live, there has been at least one...Read more

The Head and the Heart, World Apart: How Little Things Blow Up Big ...or Don't... Illustration of a couple with their backs to each other looking angry

Being in love with someone can be very tricky territory. Things are truly simple and easy when one holds the heart space. But with such a swirl of good feelings and frequent interaction with someone, it’s very easy to fall asleep into an ego dream of love and have zero awareness of...Read more