Do I Have a Bird Brain?

White pigeon

It was close to dark. I went out to put away my chickens and pigeons. When I got to the chicken barn, all the chickens were in and on their roosts. I was closing the door when a white pigeon flew from the pigeon coop right at me and turned a couple of feet from my face to swoop back and land on the roof of her coop. This was very odd behavior. I paused to feel into what it meant. As I breathed into my feeling sense, I felt that the pigeons were hungry. I had fed them that morning, as I always do. Usually at this time of evening, they are not interested in food. But I felt this white pigeon was telling me that the birds were still hungry. I trusted my intuition and got food. When I put it out, they all jumped on it like they were starving. I wasn't sure why they were so hungry this evening; but I was glad that I listened.

Sacred Reality Commentary: 

Everything in nature is communicating. The universal language is vibration. Where we feel this vibration is in the cerebral spinal fluid. It takes some time to understand this language. But it is well worth it. Login as member to read the whole commentary

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