Finding My Self Again in Jesus

Status of Jesus with Sacred Heart blooming on his chest

Last night, I had the most beautiful experience.

My biggest challenge of late has been riveting concern about what is going on in the world right now coupled with confusion and uncertainty because of conflicting and inadequate information sources.

For the most part, I’ve been keeping a level head about it. But last night, I was really frustrated and unsettled. So I did something that I rarely do (but that I’m now realizing I would like to do more often…)

I asked Jesus for help.

Now, I want to be clear what this means, because I know a lot of people have ideas about Jesus, like I used to have.

This action of asking Jesus for help, was not me voicing a prayer to a historical or religious figure or personality in my imagination. I did not use my imagination at all for this.

Rather, I rested in energetic feeling awareness within myself and directing a humble appeal toward the energy signature that I have come to know as Jesus through personal experience on two previous occasions. In this manner, I asked for strength to deal with the current situation.

Immediately upon focusing this request silently and sincerely within my being, I felt a serene opening in the energy of my belly and heart. It’s hard to describe. It’s like prior to this very moment, there were energetic residues and tensions as the material and form of my heart and belly energies that were so familiar that I didn’t even know they were there. But now, this familiar tension-residue substance was lifted and dissolved without a trace. In its place, I felt this vast, open light and airy atmosphere that felt literally perfectly serene and unbound. Breathing became incredibly easy… like the breath breathed itself, and more fully than ever but without any of the effort I usually feel when taking a full breath.

For a few minutes, I just experienced this incredible energy and breath.

Then I experimented with asking this energy: So what is really going on in the world?

I received an answer instantly, before I even finished forming the words of the question in my mind. The answer came almost as a posture of the energy. It communicated understanding to me without words and without disturbing the healing feeling in my heart and belly. The answer was: You don’t have a need to know.

And upon the heels of this answer was an answer to the next question I would’ve asked if I had time to formulate it: Just follow my voice.

My inner vision opened to realize that I have been tempted to judge by appearances in this situation. I have been feeling less-than-safe, and this has pulled me out of child-like trust in the heart-aligned way of using my mind with regard to this situation. Instead, I had gotten wrapped up in a noisy chatter in my thoughts and emotions over an outward focus on circumstances.

Jesus was correcting me with gentle but unsoftened clarity. He was showing me a way back to remembering, trusting, and prioritizing inward focus and inner energetic feeling as my guidance system. He was showing me how to re-establish my inner connection with the living Truth within my heart. But more than that, He was offering me His strength so I could feel how to stand with God in this circumstance even though my trust in God is yet young and tender for dealing with a situation like this.

More pieces started to fall into place. I felt in His answer:
What will you do with that worldly information anyway but misuse your mind by judging appearances?
Follow my voice because I will guide you rightly.
Because I am the voice of the Christ Light within you.
I will keep you safe with my guidance.
You will grow stronger in using and trusting your inner guidance system while listening to my voice within you.
My energetic Presence in your mind will accelerate your vibration toward the Christ Light.

My humble gratitude and trust abounds. I feel such a peace in my being. I feel I can listen to Jesus' vibration and guidance energetically like a child taking an adult's hand, closing my eyes to let Him guide me. And I know this Christ vibration He enters with to be the key to safety, life, and health.

Spiritual Science Active in this Experience: 

When the Divine communicates a message to our soul perspective, this is what is known as revelation. Revelation is natural. It is a feature of the partnership relationship that we humans are designed to have with the Divine. Anyone can experience revelation. But it comes more easily as we cleanse our awareness of the noise, control, and distrust patterns of our ego structure and learn how to ask within... Login as member to read the whole explication

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