Intersection: Trusting Intuition as a Navigation System

Following intuition as a navigation system - "Intuition" printed on a key ring with some keys

I rent a barn and eight acres of someone’s farm where I stable my horse and another horse that is boarded with me. I care for both horses myself daily. So daily, I drive my truck into my landlord’s driveway and park off to the left by the barn.

For the first few years of renting, I overachieved, when leaving, by making a hard three-point turn to the right immediately from my parking spot. This enabled me to turn around and drive forwards approaching the main driveway entrance, at which point I would hook to the right onto the little driveway extension that my landlord made specifically for exiting. It was a safer way to pull out onto the road because the bushes on one side of the main driveway made the driveway blind from one direction. The extension gave a buffer of some distance from the bushes so people pulling out onto the road wouldn’t get fatally ambushed by traffic coming from that direction.

Some months ago, I discovered a lazier exit strategy. Instead of making the hard right-hand three-point turn immediately from my parking spot, I realized I could back up straight to the road edge of the main driveway entrance and then turn the wheel an easy quarter turn or so to the left to pull into the driveway exit extension. This was so much easier that it instantly became my new habit as soon as I figured it out.

One day, as I was leaving... starting to back up straight into the driveway entrance, a thought flashed across my mind of my landlord pulling into the driveway at the exact time I was backing up into the driveway entranceway. I hesitated halfway through the maneuver. In my mind, I saw him coming from the blind direction behind the bushes. I quickly noted to myself: I have NEVER had a thought like this before. I bet this is an intuitive hit.

I immediately froze up, afraid it could be problematic and even dangerous for me to complete my maneuver of backing up straight into the main entrance. I took a breath in and felt into this concern and my quality of movement.

What came back into my mind from my feeling sense was both an image and a feeling-knowing that my landlord would competently and safely negotiate the situation. I felt relaxation and the inner balance of being right with myself in my movement to back up as usual. And contemplating the other option: pulling forward and adjusting to make the hard three-point turn, felt like an unbalanced and unnecessary foray into entertaining fear.

I trusted what I heard in my feeling sense and resumed to backup as usual into the driveway entrance. Exactly as I peaked this backing-up stroke into the entrance, my landlord’s truck came up on the road in my rearview mirror… from the behind-the-bushes direction! He cut his speed quickly to pause on the road and wait for me to pull out of the way onto the exit extension, and then he safely pulled in.

His feathers were not the least bit ruffled. We compared notes about the event. He commented that he many times backs up the same way I do, and himself had not given much thought to the possibility of a coinciding entry. Myself, I was delighted by the crazy-accurate extrasensory aspect of the whole experience!! Intuition is really cool when we can get to the point of really feeling it AND listening to it.

Spiritual Science Active in this Experience: 

In this story, we see a demonstration of two essential aspects of our spiritual navigation system: 1) feeling that provides us information about our environment, and 2) feeling that provides us knowledge of our correct movement. The author was clear and peaceful enough in her mind to receive the first intuitive impression of her landlord’s impending arrival AND to recognize it as an intuition. At that point, she could’ve judged in reaction to the information she received and made a heady decision about what she should do. But she didn’t. She felt the appropriate movement in the now, trusting her feeling sense, regardless of “should’s”. Now, any reader might also judge what she should’ve done with that intuitive information. Like, “How come she didn’t... Login as member to read the whole explication

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