Manifestation is Communication

Dandelion going to seed symbolizes how we dance on the wind of God's Will

I have always pondered manifestation from the perspective of myself focused on manifesting some thing or other that I wanted or needed: What’s the science of how I use my mind to manifest? What is that supposed to feel like inside my being? And what are my results? Did it work? And if so, how obviously synchronous was the process by which my desire was fulfilled?

Sometimes my vision of what I wanted would fall into place easily and magically; other times, not so much. Always when it did, I felt somehow more deeply engaged in my experience of inner vision and the material world at the same time, while simultaneously being paradoxically both unattached to outcome and certain that my vision would come to pass. Other times, I just couldn’t get to that place in my mind no matter what, and naturally I’d have nothing to show for it. And then there were the gray area experiences where I just couldn’t see enough about where I was at or what was happening to draw any worthwhile connections about the science of passing or failing at manifestation, so to speak. Such is the spiritual learning curve. The most important thing is to keep coming back to relaxation and not get too knitted up about any one wrinkle in time. Keep flowing, keep feeling. Eventually, I will see more.

Any time it was clear that manifestation had occurred, I smiled and felt grateful for the fact that material needs can be satisfied by means that arise from connecting with the invisible creative intelligence of Love. And my sense of trust and safety in a spiritual walk in relationship with God inside me, would grow one shade stronger. Often there were others involved in the expression of manifestation; but I did not think much about what it was like for them to participate in the answer to a manifestation request I had posed to the Universe. Frankly, I would get confused when I did think about it. I knew that all thoughts and movements of God respect the will of all. But I couldn’t sort out how this works with manifestation. I saw my manifestation request as a thought initiated by me, and other people as having their own individual wills, distinct and separate from myself. When I tried to see in my mind how it all coordinated into manifestation of my request while still fully respecting the independent wills of others, the puzzle pieces would just jumble up in a knot that didn’t feel right. So I kept putting this question back in the box to be opened again at a later time when I had more vision to untie it and see the truth.

Then one day, the shoe was on the other foot. I walked into a local health food store that I did not find myself in very often anymore just due to not being in that neighborhood much of late. I shopped for a few things and while checking out, at another register, I saw a friendly face I hadn’t seen in quite a while… an uncommonly genuine spirit named Luis Mojica. He is a local herbalist who used to work at this health food store back when I used to work retail in this same town. We had become familiar through many health food store shopping occasions back then. We said hi across the register aisles. I felt happy to see him and like I wanted to spend some time catching up a bit. But my thoughts about how to follow through on that impulse seemed odd and awkward to carry out. So I let the idea go and just focused on doing whatever felt natural.

As it happened, I was delayed at my register and Luis came over to me and asked how I am and what I’m up to now. It was a brief but pleasant and present exchange of catching up. Among other things, I shared that I am developing websites these days. He remarked, “Ah.. so that’s why I ran into you today. I have been thinking I really need to re-do my website!”

“Oh great,“ I said and gave him my card.

I walked away marveling with gratitude and joy at how it felt to be part of his manifestation that day. I had wanted to talk with him. I was delighted and impressed with the fact that my will was motivated of its own accord to play my part in Luis’ manifestation expression. The direction of genuine joy inside me was to dance this dance with him. Suddenly, manifestation didn’t look like someone getting something, although that element did exist. But the getting-something part now looked to me like a side effect of the actual mechanism at work. God was choreographing a dance of souls that coordinated with fulfilling Luis’ desire, and it was a joyful, inspired experience of being in communication with God to dance this dance. So manifestation now looked to me like communication: a dance of communication with God that leads us into communication with each other.

So that was that. I did not hear from or see Luis after that …until a good six or eight months later. On another rare visit to this health food store, following an impulse for some health-foody item I wanted, I ran into Luis by the juice bar. He said, “Hey! I was just looking for your card the other day!”

I smiled inside. We were dancing again. This time, he gave me his card and I promised to email him so we would not lose contact again. I also smiled inside because I realized that I was getting to know his spiritual life by being part of it. The first time I thought could’ve been, in a sense, a lucky accident within his personality. Everyone hits center sometimes, and everyone manifests something sometimes. But here I was summoned to him again by simply following my own natural desires. And so I recognized that he has a genuine spiritual life that allows him to think with God and walk with innocence in God’s grace.

We exchanged email messages over the next week, by which I learned that he wanted something rather unusual as website assistance goes. He wanted to re-do his website himself and then consult with me about how well he did it and what he could do to make it better. It sounded like one or two hours work. He said he could swing my hourly rate for that. And we agreed that he would contact me again after he’d implemented the changes he wanted and was ready for consultation.

Nearly two months later, he crossed my mind because experiences with my horse were showing me how powerful herbs can be to help the body heal an ailment without throwing things out of balance like pharmaceuticals so easily do. It occurred to me that I might prefer to trade website assistance for some bit of herbal education.  But I wasn’t sure because I figured herbal knowledge must be such a deep and broad subject matter, how does one learn a useful percentage of the subject in only an hour or two? But a couple days later, the thought occurred to me again and I felt it was what I really wanted, even though I didn’t yet see how it would work. My desire was clear and strong in the core of my being. To respect my own authentic unfoldment, I had to write him and tell him what was occurring to me.

I sent him an email, composing my words from the raw feeling: what I wanted and also that I didn’t know how or if that would work… And would it work for him? I got an automated response that he was out of the office and would return the message during his regular office hours, which were xyz specific days and times. Based on that information, I expected he wouldn’t even read my note until three days hence. But the next morning, I got an email back from him:

“I was just thinking of writing you yesterday…” his message began.

With a smile, I started my message back: “So funny. Of course you were!”


Luis saw perfection for all parties in the trade. He knew he could give something of herbal knowledge that would be both acutely relevant and broadly fundamental in the short time allotted for the trade. And he felt just as delighted feeling his authentic joy move him to answer my manifestation request as did I his.

This turn of our shared journey felt in many ways the same as all the others. The difference was that the seed of request for what this turn of the dance would manifest, was placed in my heart this time. What felt the same was that Luis and I were equals as both givers and beneficiaries of shared authentic movement and the fruits thereof. Regardless of whose heart the seed of request was planted within, all turns of flow and manifestation expression that I experienced with Luis were characterized by joy, freedom, and creative abundance for both parties. Our dance of authentic movement together expanded the experience of Love, the awareness of Love, and the trust in Love for us both simultaneously.

Spiritual Science Active in this Experience: 

Manifestation is a co-creative phenomenon. What this means is that it is carried out by experiencing our will and God’s Will as one and the same. This connects us naturally and peacefully to harmonize with others because, in truth, God’s Will is their will, too. Thus, our co-creativity with God expands to also become co-creativity with each other. And this makes manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth. Our true nature is that we are each a unique extension of God’s creative Will… a spark of the one Flame. In order to feel our part in the universal choreography of God’s Will, we must simply clear our mind of ego noise, relax, and feel and respect the flow our own joy that arises in the peaceful quiet within. Freely dancing our unique part in the singular, unified dance of God’s Will... Login as member to read the whole explication

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