Manifesting a Bear

Black bear cub playing - by ArtTower, Pixabay

This particular morning, I was on my way to help my dad take down a dying tree that was leaning toward the house. On my way, I thought to myself that I would like to see a bear. And not just any bear… I wanted to see a bear cub!

As my drive started to wind through forested areas closer to my destination, I looked into the woods to see if I could spot my bear cub. After a while of doing this, I realized that my looking for the bear was taking me out of balance. When I had felt the desire to see the bear, I felt joyful, expansive, and naturally resting in my heart. But looking around in the forest as I drove, I did not feel joyful anymore. My perception had become flat. I felt limited to my physical senses and like my soul energy was concentrated behind my eyes instead of feeling all around me. I realized that I had slipped into my head. I had lost touch with my intuitive sensitivity, and I was essentially trying to control God’s work. I had to let go of the bear, trust in God to provide what I asked for, and forget about doing anything.

I got to my dad’s house. My dad, a friend, and I all worked together with ease to prepare the tree to be safely felled. But after a short time, the battery on our battery-operated saw went dead. It would take an hour to recharge. So we set the battery on the charger, and the three of us went to get something to eat. On the way to town, we encountered a bear cub on the side of the road. He was playing alone, having fun.

I gave thanks for the gift and shared with the guys how I had asked for this earlier that morning.

Spiritual Science Active in this Experience: 

Manifestation is essentially a three-step process. First, we must experience with an integrated mind our sense of wanting whatever we want. This means that our heart, will, and perception must all be on the same page. Our will contains our feeling sense, and this is the mind medium within which the energetic blueprint for what we will manifest is drawn up. If our sense of what we want arises from beliefs in our subconscious that generate a perceptual perspective which denies or goes against our spiritual heart, then our will feels this inner conflict. Thus, the energetic frequencies that build into a blueprint within our will center, will bring to us some expression of this inner conflict. As we learn how to forgive (release) our subconscious beliefs and listen instead to... Login as member to read the whole explication

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