Morning Errands, Mystical Flow, and Celery

Serenity of morning sets stage for mystical flow in morning errands - zen pile of rocks with orchid in water

One morning, I went out shopping for a few necessities before breakfast. This means my brain was not really up and running yet. The morning is a lovely time of innocence, like before the fall of man… my personal inner Garden of Eden. Since my brain takes a while to get going, I have a natural period of time each morning where I can exist peaceful and fresh ...not yet tempted to entertain the machinations of thought my ego structure habitually wants to make use of as its definition of how to go about daily life. For the morning period of grace, I’m usually simply home and conducting morning self-care. But today, because I was missing a few essentials, I went out into the world with my innocent state of mind.

I wanted organic cilantro, organic celery, and hydrogen peroxide for a pending laundry load. I kept forgetting and remembering the hydrogen peroxide as I drove to town, so I decided to take care of that first. I pulled into the pharmacy, deciding how to carry my tender. Small purse? Carry my wallet? Nah. I’ll just take some cash out and put it in my pocket. I grabbed a twenty from my wallet. I took the opportunity also to clean up my car a bit. I gathered some trash articles, stuffing them with my left hand tightly into my right grip so I could carry the most in one trip. While juggling and compressing, I thought to myself... why did I grab a twenty? I’m just going in for h2o2. It costs so little, I probably won’t spend much more than $5 in there. I had smaller bills. Why break the twenty and have more smaller bills? But I wasn’t really motivated to swap out my tender; so I went in just like that, dumping my handful of trash in a public receptacle on the way in.

As I walked through the store toward the first aid section, I noticed empty space on some of the shelves... That’s odd, I thought. It’s unusual for a corporate entity to allow the appearance of scarcity. Why are they letting themselves sell out of cereals before restocking? I rounded the corner to the first aid section. More empty spaces. There were clearance tags everywhere, and the h2o2 was sold out.

It looked like the business of going out of business. I felt some concern for the employees. I waited in line with nothing in my hands, to ask if the store was closing. The clerk behind the only open register waved her hand grandly at a banner behind her: “We’re becoming Walgreen’s,” she said. “Everything with the Rite-Aid brand name on it has got to go.”
“Ah. I thought the store was closing,” I explained.
“Not yet,” she said... “I mean...” and she stopped there with slight awkwardness. I just smiled at her with good humor.

Mystical flow guides my journey to celery for my morning celery juiceI left and went to the market next door in search of h2o2... which they had. I stacked three large bottles in my arms, and decided last minute to cruise through the organic section to see if they had anything interesting. Their organic produce selection was pretty hit or miss; but sometimes there was something good. I rounded the corner and scanned the organic produce. Hey, cool! Celery! And a good price! I tested celery bunches and found five to my liking. Daily celery juicing makes one into a celery-bunch opportunist. I piled the five celery bunches on top of the three h2o2 bottles and made my way to register. At no point did it occur to me to wonder if I had enough money, or to add up what I was buying. I completely forgot to ponder money math at all. I was just in the flow of my inclinations as they occurred to me.

The cashier rang up my purchases. $19.83, she said. I pulled the twenty out of my pocket, saying “Great! That’s all I had!” I added three pennies from the penny jar, and she gave me two dimes in return.

I walked through the pleasant sunshine back to my truck with my bag of h2o2 and organic celery. It wasn’t until I got back in the car and started driving to my next destination (for the cilantro) that I thought to reflect on how it all went down... how I had wondered why I grabbed the twenty, how I ended up going to a different location than I expected for what I wanted, and ended up unexpectedly finding there a great deal on a second item on my list, and walked to the register with exactly what I wanted and just enough money to pay for it. All this perfection of flow with zero assistance, interference, or resistance from thinking through anything! What a delightful example of walking a mystical path with the innocence of “a child holding God’s hand” by trusting the flow without arguing in the form of thinking.

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How can we tell the difference between whether we are walking in the mystical groove of listening and following the flow of spirit intuitively without resistance or interference from thinking vs if we are following subconscious impulses from our ego programming without stopping to self-reflect and question? Well, truthfully, in the beginning, we’re pretty bad at telling the difference. When we are comfortable with an ego impulse, we can easily be deceived into believing that following that impulse is the right thing to do. And by right, I mean right with the voice of God within us… our inner voice of guidance… the voice of spirit that is the truth of who we are. Not the voice of ego that is the comfortable glove of who we think we are from history and programming. It’s a fine... Login as member to read the whole explication

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