Pasta Night - Finding Spiritual Strength to Hold My Noodles in a Health Crisis

Demonstrating spiritual strength - Depicts the sun shining in the eye of the storm

At this time of my life, I was working with the lessons in A Course in Miracles, and I had built up a discipline of suspending my judgements, which therefore created space for the Holy Spirit to have enough room to allow me to receive and be bestowed with miracles. I had come to a place in myself where I really trusted this process.

I ended up having a lot of miraculous experiences, including one that happened with a group of students that were visiting from a large school in Long Island. With this particular experience, there was an outbreak on the entire campus of some virus or flu, and over 80% of the students and staff were dropping like flies. This was a very intense experience, and at times, I felt a real sense of panic, fear and even hysteria.

This experience tested me as the week progressed. More and more people were getting sick, and by Thursday, which was pasta night, the situation had come to a head. Everybody was vomiting this spaghetti meatball dinner, and the sick sweet sour odor was the worst smell ever. I was walking past this one kid when suddenly he started to projectile vomit right in front of me, just missing my sandals. The smell that came off of that throw-up felt so intense that I literally started to have a visceral reaction, like I was going to start throwing up. It felt like I was seeing this energy of fear coming towards me, and as I started to have a reaction, I caught myself and was able to pull back from the situation, and command myself by saying no. I literally told my fear and my reaction to the situation “No,” and through that commanding, I totally rebuked that fear, like it was some kind of demonic entity. And through doing that, I felt such a sense of empowerment.


And just a bit of a backstory, as I go further…

That particular week I had the job of being the “bunk-parent” of the boy’s bunkhouse. With this job, I had the responsibility of taking care of fifty fifth-graders, making sure they did their bedtime chores, like brushing their teeth, getting the next day’s clothes ready, and getting in their bunk by 8pm. And let me tell you, being a bunk parent was a big responsibility, and it wasn’t always easy… for the kids will test you, so you really have to be a disciplinarian. If you have a bunch of undisciplined kids, it can be a nightmare. So let’s just say, I was much like a drill sergeant.

For logistics, this rectangular bunkhouse was split into units of 25 bunks on each side, with my bunk in the middle, separating the left from the right side. Adjacent to that building, was an identical bunkhouse, set up the same way for the girls. 

As the boys bunkhouse parent that week, I was responsible to do a story time hour for 25 of the kids, on the right side of the bunkhouse, while another instructor had the responsibility of entertaining the other 25 kids that week, on the left side of the bunkhouse. During the story time hour, many of the instructors and bunk-parents would read folklore, Native American stories, or play their guitars or musical instruments, to set a sleepy tempo before we finally turned the lights off and put them to bed.

So that’s the backstory on the bunkhouse… So, back to pasta night!...


After having that experience of rebuking the fearful energy, I now had to fulfill my responsibilities of being a bunk-parent that night, and organize and ground myself for that experience. At that time in my life, I felt very creative, for I was writing a bunch of stories and poetry. So I decided that I would share a short story that I had just written that week called “The Little Magnet,” which was a fairytale about a young child, who could have anything he thought about. So he grew up basically getting everything he wished for, until he became so self-absorbed and so entangled in entitlement that he literally felt like he couldn’t appreciate anything anymore. In a pool of self-pity, he prayed for help. His Spirit spoke to his heart and told him to use his gift to draw down good for others and empower them to do the same. As he followed the wise advice of his Spirit, he reevaluated his life and found the true meaning again, for he found that by giving his gift away, he felt fulfilled. Anyway, it was a beautiful, innocent story about manifestation and helping others.

After reading this story and because I had just had that experience in which I rebuked that energetic entity, I literally felt empowered and had such energy in me that was so completely free of fear. I could also feel the fear swirling around the whole campus; but in this bunk-house, I felt my awareness holding a protective bubble that was keeping out illness. And that night, none of my kids got sick on the right side of the bunkhouse, while everywhere else on campus, kids and adults were sick, including on the left side of the bunkhouse. But my point is, that night I remember holding a deep sense of peace, even while it felt like a swirling energy of lack and fear was all around us. Because I was able to hold my peace, it allowed the kids to trust me and relax so they didn’t take on the energy of fear either.

I think this is an important story considering what we are up against with this corona virus. We do not have to move from fear. We have the power of love within us, and we can use this power for ourselves and for others. We can hold a place to envelop others with our holiness to help them relax and feel how to move from their own inner clarity and empowerment instead of acting from a crazy place of doubt and fear.

I really felt such gratitude and grace that night, and am honored to tell my account of how I chose to love instead of fear.

Spiritual Science Active in this Experience: 

Thought creates our experience, more than we are ever typically taught to recognize. All thoughts and feelings have an energetic frequency. This energetic frequency sets up a mini intelligent design for our experiences to become arranged by, and thus our experiences shape up as the manifest expression of our mindal experience. Now, we think many thoughts in a day, and not all of them come true. So, which ones actually manifest? Well, the feeling sense is the magnetic component of the mind. It is like a substance that shapes into energetic patterns that we then feel. These energetic patterns in the substance of our feeling sense, become the intelligent design of our own creation that sculpts what we experience. Our feeling sense can receive impressions of energetic... Login as member to read the whole explication

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