Christmas: The Spiritual Remembrance of Self

Christmas Star: The Spiritual Self Depicted

I was driving down the road one day, pondering. By pondering, I mean considering subjects within the theater of my mind and feeling what I can see deeper about them intuitively. Driving is great for that.

On this day, I was reflecting on the fact that there seems to be a rather large group of people, engineers among them, who in fact believe the Earth is flat. Honestly, I have a hard time believing that. But as I drove down the road this day, I had to admit to myself that I had believed the Earth to be round all these decades of my life because someone told me it was round… not because I knew it for myself.

Recognizing that I did not actually know for myself the shape of the planet on which I live, I started to consider what all else I actually do not know for myself but have believed because it was told to me and seemed reasonable. A great many things actually.

I let myself feel the fact that I did NOT know these things. As I did so, a feeling precipitated in my being. It was a palpable sensation of orientation shifting. Almost like the feeling of vertigo.

Among the broad sweep of what I do not personally know, I also counted much of the information I value for care of my own body… Many reasonable-sounding ideas that I trust and act on, believing they will bring me toward my health goals. I honestly admitted to myself that many of these ideas I believed from learning them, not from knowing them to be truth first-hand in my soul.

I felt insecure admitting that I did not really know much about the natural world or my own body, how either really works nor how they both continue to sustain my life here in this plane. But I knew I was only stripping away the false sense of security I had made up by thinking I could count on what I believed without really knowing.

As I relaxed with my reflections, I started to feel a space opening up inside my mind between myself and the beliefs I was taking an honest look at. I realized that these beliefs, these assumptions, had been comfortable to me and I had taken them for granted and they had been merged with how I saw myself and reality. As a result, prior to this moment, I had never seen the beliefs themselves. They had been camouflaged by my identification with them. But now that I was looking at them honestly and seeing them for what they were, these beliefs were separating from my sense of self. And the gap between me and them, was the unknown.

On my inhales, I breathed in the unknown, climbing deeper into feeling it …because it was real. It was the only thing I knew was real in the context of my contemplations. And in this grand, naked space of the unknown, I asked myself, “What do I know?”

In the wondering space of this question, two things occurred. First, I felt a new luminescence in my being that was my being. I felt my spirit nature with a vast, peaceful deeply-knowing perspective. I did not know all that this spirit perspective knew. But I could feel that it did know all. And I could feel that I was it.

I looked about at the scenery going by from this spirit perspective, not because I could see anything different about the scenery but just because it was wild and beautiful to feel myself as spirit as I looked around.

Then, I knew something. Suddenly, a knowledge came into my being. I knew that I had created my body. I, spirit, created this very body with which I now walk the Earth. When I saw this in my mind, I knew it to be true; I could feel it with peaceful certainty right down to every cell. I looked at what biology says about how the body is made, and held that up next to what had just come to me. It was not yet apparent how the two fit together. But I did not doubt what I heard and knew inside. I shrugged and let the question be saved for whatever unfolding process might bring full reconciliation of understanding in its time. I resumed to simply basking in the bigness of spirit that is truly me always but that I had the lovely perspective to access and know for myself this day, as I drove down the road.

Spiritual Science Active in this Experience: 

In this experience, the author’s mind journey led her to an increment of ascension. She experienced her sense of self merged with spirit. Essentially, her Christmas Star… her spirit self… descended into her sense of self, and her soul perspective experienced what it feels like to own the experience of spirit as self and to operate with that much illumination in the mind. How’d she get there? The first thing she did: Wonder and question her beliefs and be honest with herself about the way in which those beliefs had served as false idols.... Login as member to read the whole explication

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