Telephone Man and Telepathy

Sacred Reality in Autumn

It was approaching lunchtime when a telephone serviceman, who we’d been expecting, came barreling up the driveway. His head, and practically his torso, hung out of the window of his van. And his mouth was agape with a smile that wrapped his face from ear to ear. It was apparent to me he was taking in the sights. A thick cloud of dust swirled as it followed in his wake. The man was lit up! I had been raking up fallen leaves in a landscape bed near the house. This scene was presented in a way that seemed like it could only be captured in cartoon animation. But here it was happening. So I stopped what I was doing to observe this humorous spectacle. Upon parking his vehicle, its door flung open, and he sprang off the seat onto the gravel at the very moment the van came to a halt. Its forward momentum seemed to catapult him across the lawn as he followed an outstretched arm that offered his open hand. He introduced himself as Roy. We clasped hands and I likewise told him my name.

He exclaimed, “Wow! This place is amazing! Are you responsible for making it so beautiful?” He turned and extended his arms in exaltation while breathing in the scenery. I let the question hang and stood quietly to let him appreciate the surroundings. He turned back around to retrieve his answer.

“I am,” I replied, “but only in part.” I explained that I only helped to carry out the beautiful vision of the homeowners whom I’d been working for over the past several years. I said, ”Let me introduce you to the man in charge.” He followed me to the front door of the house. I called inside for Paul, shouting, “The telephone guy is here!” I went back to raking leaves and let Roy conduct his business.

Just a little while later Paul came out of the house, apparently leaving Roy inside to wire the proper connections. I glanced at my watch that indicated it was a few minutes before noon. I expected Paul to ask if I was ready for a break. It had been our daily custom to drive to a nearby farm stand for lunch. He walked past me and on into his orchard. It was curious that he spoke not a word. So I resumed raking leaves. After he spent a few minutes in the orchard, he returned toward the house. I was tempted to mention that I was getting hungry. But for some reason I withheld my voice. It seemed premature to speak. I simply, but inquisitively, watched him pass. Again, he spoke nothing. He just glanced and gave me a smile. And I just watched him walk away and disappear into the house. As I returned my attention to my responsibilities, an impression was born within me. And it was instantly translated as a thought spontaneously occurred to me, ‘I guess we’re having sandwiches.’

I had no tangible reason to assume we wouldn’t be traveling for lunch. I didn’t prepare a lunch before coming to work that day. And Paul had said nothing about it. Not even a gesture that would indicate we would be deviating from our routine. And we so rarely stayed on the property to eat.

I resolved to work patiently until Roy was finished with his assignment. Of course we couldn’t leave the house until he was. And at that moment it occurred to me too that Roy, who we both had just met for the first time, would be joining us for lunch as a guest.

I barely paid attention to these impressions except that I noted them. I continued working and was soon interrupted when Roy came outside to call my name. I responded, “Yeah?”

He proclaimed, “The sandwiches are ready!”

Spiritual Science Active in this Experience: 

Intuitive sensitivity is an ability of the mind that we all have and we can all use. In fact, it is our natural navigation system as a soul on Earth. It allows us to discern what’s really going on in our experiences through feeling the energetic quality of mind creating the experience. And it allows us to feel the flow for right and joyful action throughout our experiences. Intuition is operating all the time whether we know it or not. However, many of us do not train ourselves to detect our intuitive impressions, let alone discern them and trust what we discern. There are two fundamental prerequisites for cultivating intuitive sensitivity in any given moment. One, we must be relaxed, and two, we must be free from judgment, otherwise known as thoughts that arise from beliefs or... Login as member to read the whole explication

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