A Tug of Intuition

It was a frigid Sunday evening in late January, and I was getting ready for my weekly 7pm session with my client. Yet as I was about to pull out of my driveway, I felt this energy pulling me back, like it didn’t want me to go. This energy was a bit counterintuitive, as I was already running a few minutes late and in a hurry to get to my client’s house. Yet this energy persisted, and was tugging on me, not letting go.

Since this energy felt so firm, I decided to slow down and observe it. And as I did, it felt like it was pulling me next door to Mae’s, my 98 year old neighbor and friend. I had been spending considerable time with her that winter, after her husband passed. We both enjoyed each other‘s company, and always have. I had felt her as kin to me for a long time, much like a surrogate grandmother.

Many years ago, as a young anxious teenager, I often hung out with her and her husband Roland, for I felt like a really lost kid. I didn’t realize or appreciate it then, but I really needed simple and grounded people to lean on during that the time of my life. And they never disappointed, inviting me over for many occasions, including holidays, and lively summer cookouts with big bonfires, banjos, swimming, and fishing behind their house on the Esopus creek.

As I sat in my running car, I felt torn. My head was telling me to go to my client’s house immediately; yet now I was feeling moved to go to Mae’s. Since this energy felt so compelling, I put my car in park, and jogged next door to check on her. After knocking on her door and getting no reply, I let myself in with the extra key from the “secret” spot. As I entered the living room and headed toward the kitchen, I could hear a faint weeping. When I made it to the kitchen, I found Mae on the kitchen floor crying. Apparently, she had slipped and fallen. Feeling too weak to get back up on to her feet, she had given up. So after checking to see if she’s ok, I helped her into a chair. I called her son, Wayne, who lives nearby, and gave him the scoop. After I got off the phone, Mae explained to me that she had been on the floor for a few hours, and was so glad to see me, and felt that I was an angel answering her prayers.

After Wayne arrived minutes later, I quickly left, and hopped into my car, finally leaving the driveway! Once on the road, I called my client to tell him that I was running late; but there no answer. So I continued to drive on, finally pulling into his driveway, only to find him pulling in right behind me seconds later. It turned out that he was running late as well, so everything worked out quite perfectly. It seems like there is a divine timing behind all things, if we listen and trust to follow the tug of our Spirit.

Spiritual Science Active in this Experience: 

How to develop our intuitive feeling sense: Everyone’s starting point for developing their intuitive sensitivity, depends naturally on how much they feel, what kinds of emotions or energies they notice themselves feeling, and how they think of or handle those feeling experiences. It’s very common that people feel their own emotional responses to what’s going on in their life experience and either don’t feel other kinds of energies or are not aware that they are feeling them. So let’s assume this as our starting point. Developing nuances in how we handle emotion is a great beginning for how to develop our intuitive sensitivity in a broader sense. Login as member to read the whole explication

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