Yogurt. Granola. And Jesus.

Feeling Jesus leads to feeling connection with the birds chirping

I've always had a love for Jesus. But not in the religious sense. I was never religious nor was I ever raised that way. I think this affinity became known to me around the age of 6 or so. I can't really explain where it came from. It just was.

As a young girl, I just assumed that others felt the same way I did.
I mean, who wouldn't love him? He was always sooo nice when I watched him on TV during the Christmas holiday season. He was kind and loving and I always felt safe when I heard his words. 

In later years to come, I was told he was the Son of God. I was told he died for our sins. I was told that if I believed in him, I would be saved. All this sounded very serious and important to many; but, for me, I wasn't clear on what it all meant and thus couldn’t relate to any of it.

As I continued to explore Jesus, through various texts, including the Bible, as well as counseling from a spiritual counselor, I began a whole new journey with him in my life. A practical journey, you could say. For instance, I would often consider how Jesus would look at something. I would question if I was loving others with the same kindness and depth I felt he offered. He became a role model for me. But I still wanted to know more...

It wasn't until this one particular and unusual day that I had the opportunity to "meet" him. 

I had taken up the practice of yoga and meditation which was part of a daily routine for me. One morning, after spending some quiet time breathing and carrying out yoga postures, I sat for a bit in thought. I was particularly curious that morning to understand Jesus a little better. I had just read something about him and, again, felt so moved by the depth of love he seemed to have for all. And, for some reason that day, I really wanted to understand more.

I wasn't exactly certain of what I wanted to know; but I knew I wanted more than just an understanding I had gleaned from reading about him. I wanted my own experiences and understanding of him, the message he spoke of, and how that impacted my life. 

In a spontaneous decision to know more, a question arose...
"So...WHO are you anyway?"

As quickly as I asked the question, I let it go. I had things to do and got busy doing them. Upon completing my morning tasks, I was ready for a meal. I prepared a bowl of yogurt and granola and went back into the meditation space I was in earlier (A.K.A., my bedroom. ;-) I was renting one small room in someone’s house at the time.)

I sat down on my meditation cushion, yogurt and granola in hand, and was about to eat when something unusual happened. I heard birds chirping in a tree outside my window (that’s not the unusual part ;-). What was so unusual was how those chirping birds sounded and how I felt listening to them. The sounds of their chirps were so heightened and sweet and full of joy-- quite unlike how I had ever heard them before. I felt as if I understood the language they "spoke". I felt like we had merged, the birds and I, as if there was no space between human and bird. It was a beautiful experience and I listened in delight.

Then, as I took my first bite of granola, and heard and felt the crunchiness of it, and tasted the sweetness of the maple syrup, I felt as if I was experiencing it for the first time. In fact, it actually felt like I was experiencing food for the very first time! It was so incredibly tasty and satisfying with each ingredient so complete in flavor and alive on my tongue. Food had never tasted so good!

As I continued to eat, I noticed an incredibly uplifted state of mind and lightness in my body. I felt an energetic, physical, and mental buoyancy throughout. And I felt a deep, deep peace and joy for seemingly no reason at all.

I started to wonder what was happening…
This experience within me and surrounding me felt out of this world, actually. I no longer felt like me. At least not the "me" I thought myself to be.

My eyes, ears, hands, taste buds, everything!...it wasn't me. Everything was so full. And alive. And free. And beautiful!

Wow...this must be some really good granola, I thought!

Then I remembered what I had asked for earlier that morning. I had asked to know Jesus better. I sincerely wanted to understand this human being who, for me, showed a love for all that was unparalleled by any I had ever known.

The state that I found myself in seemed like an experiential answer to my request. I was given a taste, figuratively and literally ;-), of what it can feel like to walk this Earth with a whole other level of connection and freedom. I was given a sample of an experience to point the way to what, I feel, Jesus was conveying as he walked this Earth. To love and be love. To walk and sit and talk and move in a state full of wonder and newness. To feel the depth of peace and a heightened state of awareness and connectedness with all of life. And to know that, even if you're merely eating yogurt and granola, you can have a fullness of being.

Spiritual Science Active in this Experience: 

Ask and ye shall receive. This author asked: Who is Jesus? And what she got was the frequency of Jesus... because all minds are joined. Jesus entered her field to show her what it’s like to be the Light of this world. When the experience or the frequency of Jesus entered her mind, she then had a 3-D experience of experiencing, through her senses, the Mother of Life, which is the mother aspect of God, the River of Life, the Living Water, or the Holy Spirit... essentially, the spirit substance that holds the intelligence of DNA patterns of the physical world, animated by the Christ spirit in the form of individual souls. And so she started to hear birds with a stronger awareness, she tasted food with a stronger awareness… Her awareness of everything became heightened because she... Login as member to read the whole explication

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