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In essence, “innocence” means to be unmarked or untainted. We often think of children as those who are privileged with the unspoiled state of innocence. But on the spiritual path, innocence is a discipline. We must learn how to hold an open and trusting state of mind that is unspoiled by bias or fear. This is how we create our readiness for...Read more

Like many women, I’ve been living with cellulite for decades. To look at the cellulite, I could not believe that it was an expression of healthy tissue; but I couldn’t find any information of real use to help me understand its cause and address it. And everything I was doing to care for my body with health diet and lifestyle, just wasn’t doing anything to change the cellulite.

Then, in July of this year, I ran across an ad about addressing cellulite. “It’s not fat, it’s fascia!”Read more

I picked up some locally-grown organic cabbage a couple days ago, and I've been dreaming up what I can do with it. After encountering the work of Dr Robert Young (The pH Miracle), I am attempting to eat raw salad twice a day. So cabbage salad it is!!

I also recently discovered that broccoli rabe is spicy when eaten raw. I had grabbed...Read more

Tahini dressing is one of my favorites. It's a really satisfying creamy thing, and at times when I'm trying to giving my body a rest from gumming-up with cheese, this really hits the spot!

Now, I like to use raw tahini because I have noticed that my body is not totally happy with roasted nuts and seeds. I think whatever the heat does to...Read more

I have had some casual familiarity with the term "microbiome" for some time now, connecting it with the essential bacteria that help our gut to run properly. But recently, the microbiome has come into my sights as something I want to learn a LOT more about and develop my stewardship of.

It all started with a blog post I read on...Read more

So, I had this weird, peeling-skin condition between some of my toes that I thought could be a little athlete’s foot or something similar. Based on Internet reading, I tried vinegar footbaths and hydrogen peroxide footbaths. These seemed to help, but not enough. Then a light bulb went off. I remembered, Hey!! Iodine is anti-bacterial and anti-...Read more