Cabbage Broccoli Rabe Salad with Tahini Dressing


I picked up some locally-grown organic cabbage a couple days ago, and I've been dreaming up what I can do with it. After encountering the work of Dr Robert Young (The pH Miracle), I am attempting to eat raw salad twice a day. So cabbage salad it is!!

I also recently discovered that broccoli rabe is spicy when eaten raw. I had grabbed some at the health food store, and was hungry on my ride home... so I snacked on a few raw broccoli rabe leaves, and was quite surprised how spicy they became. At first, the spice was mild. But then all of a sudden, it was burning the sides of my tongue, and then I felt the burn in my cheek, and then in my ear!! Almost like wasabi, but a little different. Anyway, even though it got to be a bit much, it excited me to find ways to eat broccoli rabe raw.

So, today, I put the cabbage and broccoli rabe together in a salad with tahini dressing...


  • 1/4 head of raw, organic white cabbage, sliced and chopped to a pleasant size
  • 4 sprigs of raw, organic broccoli rabe, chopped small
  • a handful of organic baby spinach
  • a handful of organic arugula
  • 2 Tbsp of organic pine nuts


Assemble all ingredients in a bowl. Drizzle tahini dressing generously. Mix and enjoy!

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