Fascial Empowerment

Like many women, I’ve been living with cellulite for decades. To look at the cellulite, I could not believe that it was an expression of healthy tissue; but I couldn’t find any information of real use to help me understand its cause and address it. And everything I was doing to care for my body with health diet and lifestyle, just wasn’t doing anything to change the cellulite.

Then, in July of this year, I ran across an ad about addressing cellulite. “It’s not fat, it’s fascia!” the ad said. This caught my attention with impact. I clicked and down the rabbit hole I went. It turns out that a woman named Ashley Black pioneered a tool called the FasciaBlaster and a technique called FasciaBlasting for reconditioning fascia for health purposes, and it happened to be that FasciaBlasting had a smoothing effect on cellulite, and could even make cellulite go away.

Cellulite can go away? What? How is that possible?

I learned from reading in Ashley’s book, The Cellulite Myth: It's Not Fat, It's Fascia, that cellulite is caused by adhesions in the fascia below the skin that pull down on the skin, causing a little dimple in the surface of the skin... or a big dimple depending on the size of the adhesion. FasciaBlasting the area was a way to release the fascial adhesions, which allowed the skin to become free of dimpling.

And I have found from personal experience that this is completely true! I have been FasciaBlasting for a little over two months now, and my legs are noticeably smoother. But honestly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Waking Up Sleepy Tissue

The first day, I blasted my legs, buttocks, belly, back, and arms, and my body felt so alive all over after that. I felt this fresh buzzing vibrancy everywhere I’d blasted, like a layer of my body that I had never noticed, had been stagnant and numb for years, and I had finally stumbled across a way to massage and stimulate it, and my body was SO happy! I immediately recognized the FasciaBlaster as an essential tool for optimizing health because of its excellent ability to stimulate and open up circulation.

Optimizing Alignment

After the third day of using the FasciaBlaster all over my body, a chronic twist in my legs just naturally untwisted. For years, my left foot tended to toe-in while my right foot tended to toe-out. If I forcibly straightened out my feet, my legs felt all twisted. Even years of hatha yoga classes didn’t change it. But after the third day of FasciaBlasting, my legs just naturally untwisted so that my feet pointed straight forward naturally with relaxation.

Breakthrough in Body Love

I have gratitude for Ashley Black’s ministry of FasciaBlasting and for Divine Providence bringing her work into my life, not just because of the specific results I described above but also because of a much deeper healing that occurred as a result. You see, cellulite being the annoying, immovable mystery that it was all these decades, I had a real feeling of weakness and helplessness about my body in that way. Besides the inconvenience of not really liking how it looked, the main pain about the cellulite was actually the fact that I wanted to change it but I couldn’t. And this made me feel like I was ultimately powerless in the care of my body, which was a scary feeling. Since I didn’t know how to resolve it, I just packed it away in some closet in my psyche, disconnecting from and ignoring that part of my body as best I could.

Health is a Natural Expression of Love

Health is really the result of Love and open, intimate communication. In a marriage, if partner A simply ignores partner B every time B does something that A doesn’t feel good about, then there’s no real intimate connection or communication, and the marriage is dysfunctional and unhealthy. What’s really needed is unguarded, deeply honest mutual communication where partner A innocently engages partner B to draw him or her out to share why he or she has done whatever this annoying thing is… so that annoyance can be replaced with intimate understanding. And maintaining innocence in the communication allows both partners to breathe and feel the presence and guidance of Love energy for how to reconcile to harmony whatever is coming to light.

I want this harmonious, loving intimacy in my relationship with my body. I am my body’s steward, and to steward well, I have to ask and listen and pursue understanding and feel with Love how to move toward whatever remedy is called for. My frustration and helplessness around cellulite, and my choice to ignore it because I didn’t know what else to do about it, created a block in my relationship with my body… a behavior of "checking out" that set up a dysfunctional marriage, not because I deemed my body to be unworthy of love but because I felt too inadequate to really show up in that way. Hmm, how many times is that part of the real reason people "check out" on each other?

The Emotional Healing Begins

After reading in Ashley’s book all about fascia and fascial adhesions, thereby coming to understand the problem of cellulite in theory, there comes a point where she walks you through an evaluation of your own fascia. It starts by looking in the mirror and really seeing the condition of your own fascia without judgment… like a curious, kind scientist. This was the beginning of my walls coming down. She coaches the reader to be courageous and gentle, and I shrugged off the coaching, thinking I was fine. But as I looked in the mirror, and went through the pinch and poke tests as she describes, I felt this strange discomfort. I felt the emotional mud of dislike and helplessness like an icky cloud I was quietly wading through, opening to something new in its place but not there yet.

Weeks of FasciaBlasting after this uncomfortable evaluation, gave me more time to digest and understand the material I’d learned from Ashley’s book. I developed more of an eye for fascial adhesions, and started to notice them on other people. I came to recognize what hadn’t entirely sunk in from my evaluation… that I actually have adhesions in many places on my body. It was a lot to be present for; but I had courage to face it now because I knew there was something I could do about it.

Clearing a Subconscious Fear of Mortality

I went for a walk one day on a spontaneous inspiration, and the condition of my fascia was quite prevalent on my mind. As I walked, I twisted my forearm tissue to shift the skin, a way of exposing dimpling caused by fascial adhesions in the forearm that I’d never noticed until I got into all this fascia stuff. I breathed and engaged deeply how I was feeling. I felt a kind of almost tearful emotion about thoughts in my mind that the changes in my fascial tissue were a symptom of aging. And inside this, a fear of mortality. I thought about what my body was like when I was young… a photo of myself as a middle-aged child with smooth, thin legs. And I thought again to myself, what happened to this body along the way? Then I realized that my idea that fascial adhesions, or crappy fascia, as Ashley calls it… my idea that crappy fascia is a symptom of aging… that wasn’t exactly right. Because I had crappy fascia all of a sudden at age 16. So this was not about the passage of time; this was about stresses that the body has endured that have caused the fascia to… get crappy. I breathed a deep inhale-exhale, moving the emotional energy… clearing the old perceptions. This is a karma of burden that my body has collected through the trials and stresses of my life experiences, and I can release it and restore my body to a state of innocence.

Discovering a New Level of Intimacy

I breathed deeply to fully feel my body… deeply intuitively feel it… energetically feel it and ask it: So how’s it going in there? I felt as intimate with my body in that moment as I have felt in merging energy with a tango dance partner… sharing one space energetically. Somehow, even in all these years, I had never been this deeply and intimately aware and engaged with my body.

In this intimate engagement, my body answered. It replied with a wordless message that it was dealing with an overall slight supply of nutrients. I understood that whatever my diet was was not enough, and if my body did not have the necessary nutrient building blocks on hand, it would be disabled at building strong and healthy new tissue. So I recognized my assignment then, to find a food-based superfood to give my body what it had let me know it needs… for starters anyway, along with the FasciaBlasting.

This is just what happened that day… the opening of a whole new level of communication with my body, a new marriage as partners in health. The message of the day is not so important to share with you all as is the fact that it is possible to enter intimate, open communication with the body, and that Ashley’s ministry of FasciaBlasting blasted right through my spiritual block from the weakness I felt around cellulite. And in the wake of forgiving this weakness, I have found my way into a deeper level of connection, communication, and partnership for health with my body, and that in fact, I started this blog to share the journey of this partnership in hopes of facilitating a deeper discovery within you of your own partnership with your body in health.

And now I'm an affiliate...

Lastly, I will add that I’m so thrilled and grateful for the FasciaBlaster that I actually became an affiliate of Ashley Black… because I knew I’d be telling everyone how great her FasciaBlaster is anyway. If the FasciaBlaster intrigues you as it did me, perhaps you will consider using my affiliate link (any FasciaBlaster link or graphic on this page) to explore more about it or pick one up. In fact, if you are considering, I recommend what I started with: the Beginner's Kit, which has her book The Cellulite Myth, the original FasciaBlaster, the FaceBlaster (smaller claws), a mini FasciaBlaster, some Blaster oil to try out, and a Daily Companion Guide blaster workbook sort of thing.

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