Iodine Footbath

So, I had this weird, peeling-skin condition between some of my toes that I thought could be a little athlete’s foot or something similar. Based on Internet reading, I tried vinegar footbaths and hydrogen peroxide footbaths. These seemed to help, but not enough. Then a light bulb went off. I remembered, Hey!! Iodine is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal! So I decided to try an iodine footbath. I also put some Lugol’s 5% iodine solution directly on the skin between my toes. But the footbath was really cool, and I will tell you why…

I put 10 or so drops of Lugol’s 5% in a basin of hot water, which turned the water a decent amber color. The iodine is effectively a pretty dark orange-reddish dye, if you haven’t seen it. I set myself up in front of my computer to get lost in some project while my feet soaked. And actually, it felt pretty luxurious to have my feet immersed in hot water while I worked.

Sure enough, I got lost in work and a good half hour went by before I noticed the water temperature had cooled off and it was no longer fun to be in it. I dried off my feet, and reached under my desk to pull the basin out so I could go empty it, and low and behold, the water was perfectly clear! My body had absorbed all the iodine.

I didn’t have it on the top of my mind, but now I was reminded… The body will take iodine up through the skin if it needs it. My sister used to paint a swath on her belly, making a big, ugly amber stain; but in a couple hours, it would be gone as her body thanked her and put it to good use. I totally didn’t even ever think about the feet as an absorption spot. But here they were functioning exactly that way. And I was utterly delighted to be hitting two birds with one stone, so to speak… treating my fungal foot condition AND supplementing with iodine, all through a half hour of luxury.

In addition to the iodine footbaths and direct iodine applications, I also supplemented with shilajit for trace minerals, he shou wu for zinc, and polyrachis ant also for zinc, to optimize my body’s immunity. Ultimately, the athlete’s foot resolved completely.


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