Microbiome on My Radar

I have had some casual familiarity with the term "microbiome" for some time now, connecting it with the essential bacteria that help our gut to run properly. But recently, the microbiome has come into my sights as something I want to learn a LOT more about and develop my stewardship of.

It all started with a blog post I read on AshleyBlackGuru.com: Is Your Microbiome Cycle Affecting Your Weight*, wherein Ashley Black shared her own journey with unexplained weight gain a couple years or so ago. She was exercising regularly and eating well, and yet, she was gaining weight. A visit with her doctor revealed that her microbiome was out of whack. She adopted a protocol to bring her microbiome back into balance, and voila! the weight came off.

In her article, she explored the role of the microbiome in our nutrient absorption, as well as the interrelationship between the microbiome and our fascia for nutrient delivery and waste removal... all essential processes for cellular health. We don't always think of our health in terms of cellular health; but if we don't got that, we got nothin'.

I found this information mystifying and fascinating, and found a urge rising within me to gain a deeper understanding of the microbiome. My initial search online yielded nothing of substance. But in my ruminations that morning, somehow I became curious about how meditation affects the microbiome and if anyone has documented any study of this relationship. I searched "microbiome" + "meditation" and to my surprise, one thing came up... a website that is actually called microbiomemeditation.com!! Shocker.

Microbiome Meditations was by a woman who shared her experiences with owning a kombucha factory, and how meditative communication with the kombucha improved the kombucha's resistance to mold. She had a very interesting article in her blog: Are We Like Earthworms? Here she described how earthworms and plants have many more chromosomes than we humans do, even though our bodies are so much more complex. AND she went on to explain that our microbiome contributes a significant amount of genetic material to our overall genetic code. This I found very interesting, and as I sat with this information, my vision opened up around it unexpectedly. And this is what I saw:

An earthworm and a plant have a more extensive genetic code than we do because they have their complete genetic code built in. Because an earthworm is an earthworm is an earthworm. They are designed to fulfill this function within the balance of nature, and they are fulfilling their function fully by simply being an earthworm.

Humans, on the other hand, have a hard-coded genetic scaffolding, and the rest is filled in by the inner environment their awareness gives rise to and maintains. This makes the human being a flexible expression at the physical level, commensurate with the fact that our soul and mind are designed to be divinely creative IF we choose. So our manifest expression is designed to follow and change with our awareness. We can choose to embody ignorance or darkness and our inner terrain can mold to this, holding organisms with genetic codes that do not support life well and that express degeneration and disease. OR we can elevate our awareness to let more and more light in, and our inner terrain is capable to change commensurately to accompany our light-filled awareness with genetic codes that support well-being, and even ascension. This is part of the design of how the human caterpillar becomes the human butterfly, whatever that ends up looking like. How far can we take this? We only know if we try.


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