What is Body Innocence?

In essence, “innocence” means to be unmarked or untainted. We often think of children as those who are privileged with the unspoiled state of innocence. But on the spiritual path, innocence is a discipline. We must learn how to hold an open and trusting state of mind that is unspoiled by bias or fear. This is how we create our readiness for feeling-listening within to align with and integrate Divine Love into our awareness. An important distinction is, while innocent children may easily give their trust away to anyone, as adults practicing innocence, we give our trust to the voice of Divine Love within us. And this way, innocence becomes a position of strength wherein we feel completely at ease, allowing ourselves to be guided by Divine Love.

Body innocence is this same concept of an untainted state applied to the body. Our body bears the burden and bias of everything we and others have put it through that we have not resolved. Physical health is a renewable state. Our body is equipped with mechanisms and intelligence to restore itself, if only we can provide it with the proper conditions to carry out its work.

I invite you to take a moment to consider your own body. What was your body like when you were young? How is it different now? Naturally, it will be different simply from growing through puberty into adulthood. But what burdens are here in the body now that weren’t there when you were young? Chronic tensions? Is there a degeneration of any particular body tissue? Is there congestion?

I had to let myself see this… really see this… as part of my awakening to understand body innocence. We can’t clear a burden if we are unwilling to acknowledge it. But it can be scary to fully acknowledge the ways in which our body is currently tainted and biased, because perhaps we do not know how to heal that condition… and to really let ourselves see something that we don’t know if we can fix… that’s scary. That brings up weakness and mortality. What if I can’t choose? What if I can’t turn this thing around? Maybe today’s challenge is not life-threatening, like cellulite is not life threatening; but if I can’t heal it then what other health developments might come along that I can’t heal? It takes courage to really deeply let ourselves see what our body is dealing with.

The next layer I entered in my awakening to understanding body innocence, was feeling my body deeply. I am not talking about how I feel about my body. That would be an emotional evaluation. I am also not really talking about feeling the physical sensations of my body. That would be part of the previous step. I’m talking about breathing into an intuitive awareness of the body, and showing up to let the body tell you… anything. Whatever it has to say. I asked my body, “So how’s it goin’ in there?” And I listened-felt. And my body replied with a wordless message, “I’m dealing with general insufficiency of nutrients.”

I know how important a full catalog of nutrients are to rebuilding healthy tissue. So the implications of this news were far-reaching. And so I felt my way into a superfood powder and protein powder to supplement with on a regular basis to start with.

Anyway, these details are for another blog post. But I include them here only to illustrate how feeling-communication with the body might go. We have to partner with the body to discern the path to body innocence… our own unique path to body innocence, or a renewed state of health where the body is fully relaxed and unburdened.

This blog is my journey toward body innocence. I hope you will join me, and find inspiration for your own journey to body innocence.

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