Co-Creative Living

Where Love is the Law of the land, Earth is Eden

Sacred Reality sees a future where every person is fully awake in their own internal sensitivity to their personal expression of God's Will unfolding inside their core from the holiness of now.

What would this look like?

It looks like all humanity walking gently and joyfully upon the Earth, moving as they genuinely want to in their heart, without stress or fear, because they feel right with themselves... doing no harm, being honest with each other, and patiently asking within when questions arise, allowing win-win solutions to be revealed.

It looks like a clean and healthy Earth where humans have the patience and desire to listen and feel how to work with Mother Nature to steward her health and bring about naturally abundant yields without force, exploitation, or balance-disturbing chemicals.

It looks like families and communities sharing and working together, findings ways to fellowship and collaborate without the stress fractures induced by fear and control.

It looks like an economy based on true wellness, where businesses are geared for the management and the employees to give the best of themselves instead of just doing for the money. Where advertising is an honest statement of what a business does, rather than a marketing pitch spun to play to people's weaknesses. An economy where the unspoken context is that what makes the world go 'round is not weakness and need but the universal dance of God's Will playing out creatively and uniquely through all individuals, and how we come together to discover, express, and expand from shared moves in this holy dance, in ways that we would never grow alone.

It looks like increased physical wellness and longevity as people live life from feeling right with themselves and thus alleviate their bodies of the modern-day burden of stress hormones, mood-adjusting chemicals, and emotional eating that is out of alignment with the body's true needs for nutrition. Beyond allowing the body to be unburdened, walking in true internal connection, joy, and empowerment rejuvenates the body by the health of the light matrix that this awareness experience generates. Hard to believe until you experience it first-hand, at which point, you will also know this to be true.

Commitment to a Healed Humanity

Sacred Reality exists to bring this vision to fruition. This global cultural change is a change in the experience of self on an individual basis, and as more individuals discover the joy and power inherent within them, they can share this knowledge of self with others, and the reach of this message organically grows.