Sacred Reality coaches are all seasoned at applying Sacred Reality's wisdom and methodology to their own experiences to get honest results. They know what it takes to make real change in one's life using spiritual principles. Our coaches each have their own realm of focus for which they offer consultation services. This is because, for people to truly be of service, they must remain conscious and connected with their own sense of joy and peace. Our policy is that each coach specialize in the coaching focus that is joyful for him or her to provide and that comes naturally to his or her range of experiences.

All in-person coaching is conducted on Sacred Reality premises in Kingston, NY. Our coaches are also available for appointments by phone.

Paul, Sacred Reality founder and coach


Coaching Focus:

My work entails a beneficial combination of hands-on work to clear and balance the soul’s light matrix or magnetic field and integrate this with the electrical systems of the body for their ascension process. I also use therapeutic discussion to help the client recognize the source of stress and imbalance in the mind that has allowed disharmony in the body and in relationships. Through this process, I have seen many people heal from chronic illnesses that could not be resolved through convention medical treatment. In truth, the client is the healer. I am just there to assist in ripening the conditions for healing to take place.

Why Sacred Reality:

I was led by Spirit to create Sacred Reality as

  1. a place for fellowship and soul development.
  2. a center for helping people with their health challenges and means to help them sort out truth from error.
  3. a model community where people live in Love with others, animals, plants and nature because community is powerful for people to learn from each other and because the mystical path is easier when you have friends who are walking it too.

Coaching Fee:

$200 / hour, available by application only

How To Reach Me:

Available by application only. For questions or to apply, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Shannah, Sacred Reality coach


Coaching Focus:

I share with people the practical skills of mind that enable them to connect with their own inner spiritual resources by which they can naturally blossom in a wholesome sense of self-worth, peace, joy, and freedom to be themselves in love with life. This work heals one's relationship with self, which is the basis for healing all other relationships. The foundation of this self-awareness practice is summed up by coming to experientially understand all aspects of the following morning meditation:

I am the Breath of God's Love expressing in each moment. Each Breath is different and newly born out of the unknown. I ride this cusp of the unknown with my feeling sense, pausing often to breathe in the energies in my experience to feel and discern their nature. This comes naturally to me, and I do it easily.

If I forget to pause and sniff the energies, I can get lost in a house of mirrors of perceptual ideas and lose the ability to communicate in an appropriate and truly relevant way that people can feel and be deeply touched by.

I am the Breath of God's Love expressing. I feel the shapes and movement of each Breath as the sensations and inspirations inside my core. What I truly want to do with my time, focus, and energy, I discover inside my core space. As I explore and enjoy the world around me, I maintain part of my attention turned inward, listening for feeling sensations inside my core. This way, I feel myself and what sits right with my sense of self in each moment as I move through my experiences. By maintaining this inner open line of awareness and connection with myself, I know what moves to make or not make to respect myself. My actions have genuine authenticity, and this authenticity naturally brings me peace and joy.

If I forget to listen to the feeling sensations in my core as the basis of how I move through my day, I can build up stress and joylessness from doing things that my authentic self would not lead me to do. I can become fatigued from investing my energy and focus in things for which my energy is not reimbursed by joy. And I can mistakenly start to build projects that I will later want to disown because they were built with a taking, needy, or forceful quality of action from whatever I thought I needed that distracted me from waiting and listening for my authentic inclinations.

In coaching sessions, we start where you are. Together, we will build the following foundation from the bottom up:

  • Skills and understanding needed to quiet any mind chatter that may be preventing you from feeling your core in any given moment
  • Skills for navigating to the core space in your mind where there is a spring of Love energy, which you may or may not have felt before, but regardless, It IS there
  • Once you know how to quiet mind chatter and feel your core heart space, you have the basic tools to begin discerning and releasing false beliefs that live in your psyche and cause stress patterns. You can do this work on your own, and I am available to help you with this on an as-needed basis. We can design a custom rhythm of working together as per what feels right.


Why Sacred Reality:

From a young age, I had the desire to solve the human condition at least within my own personal experience of life. I believed that love was the ultimate power in the universe and that suffering was a sign that something was yet to be learned. Sacred Reality offered a positive articulation of the nature of the human being, the human mind, and the human condition that made perfect sense with my own perspective. The information further proved itself as I tested it by applying it to my own experience over and again. So while I know that the truth humanity needs to discover within, is indicated with varying degrees of efficacy by many modalities of thought, I choose Sacred Reality's articulation of this truth because it leaves my natural appetite for incisive clarity and accuracy in all things, fully sated.

Coaching Fee:

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How To Reach Me:

For more information about coaching with me or to schedule a coaching session, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

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