Conversation with Shannah White on Spiritual Dope Podcast

Release Date: 
Nov 1, 2020

Brandon Handley of Spiritual Dope interviews Shannah White about various aspects of connecting and integrating our spiritual senses for a peaceful, whole, and naturally joyful life.

Click the link below for an audio version and an automatically-generated written transcription (Be forewarned... the computer intelligence was NOT perfect on this transcription! ;).


Brandon Handley

Transformational Coach Brandon Handley initially developed his coaching career by pursuing three life coaching certifications along with certifications from Champlain College in Appreciative Inquiry and in depth studies of Motivational Inquiry as well many other certifications in NLP & Cognitive Behavior Therapy all in order to deliver his client’s powerful transformational coaching experiences. Along the way, he had an awakening experience, which drastically shifted his focus from being a life coach to becoming a Transformational Coach. He now helps guide people to both prepare for their own awakening experience and convert their experience into powerful purpose, meaning and ultimately vision.

He created the platform of Spiritual Dope, a podcast where he shares practical applications, theories, and stories as they relate to spirituality, the law of attraction, and coaching tools so that his listeners are empowered to take action in their lives. In addition, he interviews others who are leading with their spirituality and finding that their lives are ultimately much more joyous, fulfilling, and steeped with purpose so that his listeners can hear from many various successful sources and potentially be inspired to lead their lives spiritually forward.