Opening the Heart - A Conversation with Alexander McDonell & Shannah White

Release Date: 
Aug 22, 2020

Sacred Reality coach Shannah White engages Alexander McDonell, founder of The School of Oneness, in a free flowing conversation about opening the heart: why & how, as well as answering questions of webinar attendees. The conversation covers handy practical aspects of walking a spiritual path with Love in our heart.


Alexander McDonell

Alexander McDonell grew up with meditation and yoga, and remembers first meditating at the age of 4. He spent his youth playing music and seeking spiritual understanding. After getting thoroughly lost on the way he eventually discovered Oneness - the experience of connection with all things. He now spends most of his time talking about this experience - why it’s important, how to get there, and how to make use of it. When not talking about oneness he spends his time playing violin and other musical instruments, and trying to express that experience through the music.

Alexander is now building the “School of Oneness” with online programs to help people learn about oneness, and opportunities for other teachers as well as for students. He is looking for feedback and collaboration to build this project.