The primary service that Sacred Reality provides, is to coach people on connecting with the energetic frequencies of love and truth within their own center. We do this in individual coaching sessions, and in group fellowship sessions. Both forms of coaching serve an important function.

  • Individual coaching sessions provide focused and in-depth personal attention to guide someone on awareness techniques that are uniquely tailored to the way a person is seeing and feeling in that very moment, providing maximum relevance in the wisdom material offered. This is a highly-efficient and powerful way to gain the clarity needed to find how to feel one's heart, and to address specific perceptual blocks that may prevent connecting with one's own heart in any one situation or person plateau that may arise from time to time.
  • Group fellowship sessions accelerate one's spiritual development by providing a forum where a person can hear various experiences and topics raised by other participants and addressed to bring these to the full light of truth. This way, a person gets to see more issues and angles than their own questions alone would raise. So their understanding is rounded out faster than if they only studied on their own. Additionally, group sessions facilitate the opportunity to practice communicating from the now with other people who are interested in the same. So, it becomes an important opportunity to experience and practice a high level of relationship.