Unshakable Man Podcast: Exploring Spirituality, Love, and Relationship with Shannah White

Release Date: 
Feb 3, 2020

In this episode of The Unshakable Man podcast, Chris Wilson and Shannah White organically explore

  • The pressure of performance on men. 

  • Joy as a necessary part of healing. 

  • The manifestations of a disconnect from self.

  • Finding a stable relationship with love. 

  • Transitioning from unloading noise to being present. 

  • The quality of your engagement with others.  

  • Tapping into the universal mind. 

  • The structures required to learn mindfulness.  


Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson founded The Unshakable Man, with co-founder Mike Sagun. The Unshakable Man is an organization focused on men’s total health & wellness, success, purpose, and fulfillment. Chris and Mike are passionate about helping men rediscover their confidence, while honoring the man that they’ve become.

Their mission is to serve men by providing resources and services to connect men to themselves, their important relationships, and their purpose in life. Chris and Mike are devoted to empowering men to live their lives from the inside out by developing emotional literacy, energy awareness, and taking deliberate action in their life and work. At the end of the day, when men figure out who they are, how they want to be, and they put this knowledge into action... everyone in our world benefits.