Unworthiness Explored with Shannah White

Release Date: 
Nov 12, 2020

Ade Richardson interviews Shannah White on the dynamics of unworthiness and how we can heal from it. Their conversation explores many interconnected parts of growing up in spirit that range on beyond the topic of unworthiness and yet are nevertheless related.

AND while discussing these matters in an organic flow with Shannah, Ade finds his heart space opens and he feels the energy of Divine Love, during the conversation.


Ade Richardson

Ade Richardson is a writer, director and podcaster.

Growing up on the border of Bedford Stuyvesant and Crown Heights in Brooklyn, New York, Ade benefited from the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of the area. The people in his neighborhood inspired many characters that he would create for his films. Ade’s talent for film directing was developed at Brooklyn College, where he studied under professor Robert Tutak. Ade uses his passion for writing and directing to find greater truth about himself and the world around him. In 2010 he started his film production company. Satari Films intention is to make films that inspire people to reach their highest potential.