Making the mystical, practical.

Experience the Mystical Path of Walking in Love, Self-Worth, Inner Peace & Joy

Sacred Reality is founded to educate & support people in the mystical art of achieving joyful living through a strong foundation in experiential awareness of one's inherent connection with Divine Love, which naturally gives rise to a sense of self-worth, inner peace & joy. The most fundamental method to achieve this, is self-inquiry.

Master the Art of Self-Inquiry

Self-inquiry is a kind of deep self-investigation that breaks down false mental structures and opens the mind up to experiencing Truth flowing freshly within one's core in each moment. This is a true path of healing that leads to unmatched inner freeedom and happiness.

Sacred Reality guides and elevates self-inquiry to ever deeper and more powerful levels through coaching and mystical fellowships.

Aspiring Mystic Blog

Please enjoy our Aspiring Mystic blog: a catalog of first-hand experiences shared by Sacred Reality members walking the mystical path. Through their experiences, we see the process of self-inquiry in action as well as some of the magical, fun, and interesting ways walking a mystical path plays out. Scroll down for the most recent posts, or check out the full selection at the Aspiring Mystic page.

Morning errands, mystical flow, and celery - five celery bunches in a basket

One morning, I went out shopping for a few necessities before breakfast. This means my brain was not really up and running yet. The morning is a lovely time of innocence, like before the fall of man… my personal inner Garden of Eden. Since my brain takes a while to get going...Read more

Dew drops on grass signify the gift of mystical awareness that awaited the author in his promise to cut the grass

It was something about the hornets. It was something about what they did after I got stung. It was in their behavior. Something about it intrigued me. It left an impression on me. It changed me and I could feel it. I just didn’t know what it was yet or exactly how it happened...Read more

Waking up from the ego's idea of love, depicted by a ripples on water showing our center causing the reflected images of the physical world to break up

Since my last writing, it has been significantly more natural for me to remain in feeling touch with my core. This is specifically because, in my last writing, pieces that I had wrong for decades I put together correctly at last. I recognized that imaging… my own...Read more