Making the mystical, practical.

Sacred Reality is founded to educate & support people in the art of achieving joyful living through a strong foundation in experiential awareness of one's inherent connection with Love, which naturally gives rise to a sense of self-worth, inner peace & joy.

In this walk, teaching and learning are the same. We are each our own teacher and student, and all members of the community are equal. In recognition of this, Sacred Reality carries out its mission primarily through the sharing of personal experience. In person, this occurs through fellowship circles. Over the web, this is offered through our Aspiring Mystic blog.

Each Aspiring Mystic blog post contains two parts:

  • The Art: A personal experience of insight or other sharable significance, true as recalled by the author
  • The Science: Explication written by Sacred Reality staff that opens up deep principles in play in the experience that are universal and important for everyone walking a mystical spiritual path

The art sections of the blog posts are available to all, the science sections are reserved for Sacred Reality members: those who want to join our community because they feel personally supported by the way Sacred Reality discusses the truth of being human.

So, read, explore, enjoy. If it resonates and you want to become a member, welcome!

Soul Rage: Wrestling the Ego's Idea of Love, represented by a candle with a wavy flame

Through my self-reflections of late, I have become awake to that fact that, as a pattern inside me, I often feel like I am an add-on or an afterthought in relationships with people who I consider close. I recognize that I set myself up to feel this way because I give the...Read more

Manifestation is Communication - Herbal tea for two symbolizes a shared journey of co-creativity

I have always pondered manifestation from the perspective of myself focused on manifesting some thing or other that I wanted or needed: What’s the science of how I use my mind to manifest? What is that supposed to feel like inside my being? And what are my results? Did it...Read more

Black bear cub - by ArtTower, Pixabay

This particular morning, I was on my way to help my dad take down a dying tree that was leaning toward the house. On my way, I thought to myself that I would like to see a bear. And not just any bear… I wanted to see a bear cub!

As my drive started to wind through...Read more