Making the mystical, practical.

Sacred Reality coaches people in locating and developing experiential awareness of inner love, peace, and clarity by guiding in very specific self-awareness and mental focus skills.

Upon this foundation, we help people transition from a paradigm of personal isolation, broken families and relationships, unsatisfied need, and competition for survival, to a paradigm of

  • natural giving from an inner sense of wholeness
  • real intimacy, peace, and freedom to be authentic in relationships
  • ease of self-expression and communication; confidence and gentleness
  • sensitivity to love within as an inner guidance system for appropriate, harmless action
  • joyful alignment between inner purpose and one’s work within the community.

Within this new paradigm, families and friends learn how to come together to share in love without stifling each other in roles or holding each other out with grievances. Healing the family unit and growing community as a family, we humans reclaim our nature as love and pass it on laterally to our peers and generationally to our children. Herein lies the hope for the human race and all we touch.

Aspiring Mystic Blog

Please enjoy our Aspiring Mystic blog: a catalog of first-hand experiences shared by Sacred Reality members walking the mystical path. Through their experiences, we see how the mystical is practical for various different authors as well as some of the magical, fun, and interesting ways walking a mystical path plays out. Scroll down for the most recent posts, or check out the full selection at the Aspiring Mystic page.

Finding my Self again in Jesus - Statue of Jesus with kind, soft expression and sacred heart blooming on his chest

Last night, I had the most beautiful experience.

My biggest challenge of late has been riveting concern about what is going on in the world right now coupled with confusion and uncertainty because of conflicting and inadequate information sources.

For the most...Read more

Self-Respect: Who is the self we are respecting?

I have lately noticed that my body shares with me a sense of relief and light, happy energy when I eat raw fruits or veggies. And sometimes when I eat cooked food, even if it's very healthy home-made, my body has been responding with a depressed energy. So I’ve been listening...Read more

The Math of Manifestation - Illustration of meditation with colors and geometric patterns surrounding a meditating figure

Many years ago, I used to travel often from upstate NY to Manhattan, to see massage clients. These trips were very long days for me, but they paid really well. And I since I also enjoyed my profession, I was grateful for the work, even though these excursions to NYC could be...Read more