Making the mystical, practical.

Sacred Reality is founded to educate & support people in the art of achieving joyful living through a strong foundation in experiential awareness of one's inherent connection with Love, which naturally gives rise to a sense of self-worth, inner peace & joy.

In this walk, teaching and learning are the same. We are each our own teacher and student, and all members of the community are equal. In recognition of this, Sacred Reality carries out its mission primarily through the sharing of personal experience. In person, this occurs through fellowship circles. Over the web, this is offered through our Aspiring Mystic blog.

Each Aspiring Mystic blog post contains two parts:

  • The Art: A personal experience of insight or other sharable significance, true as recalled by the author
  • The Science: Commentary written by Sacred Reality staff that explores the spiritual principles demonstrated in the experience

The art sections of the blog posts are available to all, the science sections are reserved for Sacred Reality members: those who want to join our community because they feel personally supported by the way Sacred Reality discusses the truth of being human.

So, read, explore, enjoy. If it resonates and you want to become a member, welcome!

Female by Patou Ricard, Pixabay

Feminine persons have a lot to say regarding various degrees of sexual harassment all too many have experienced and had to figure out how to deal with. I am no exception. However, as a practice, I do not identify as a victimized woman. If I don’t practice freedom in my own...Read more

Michael Nadtochi y Y'amour dancing tango at Pier 45 in NYC

I arrived in Red Hook a few minutes early, excited to meet and learn new tango insights from two visiting maestros. First, there was Michael Nadtochi, with whom I was well familiar yet never tired of. His dancing is...Read more

Raking Leaves - by Peggy Choucair on Pixabay

It was approaching lunchtime when a telephone serviceman, who we’d been expecting, came barreling up the driveway. His head, and practically his torso, hung out of the window of his van. And his mouth was agape with a smile that wrapped his face from ear to ear. It was...Read more