What are fellowships?

Fellowships are gatherings where people can practice being in the now with others who are also practicing the now, or bring up questions they are working on to discover how to access the now.

While fellowships are always led by a Sacred Reality facilitator, there is no guru at a fellowship. All participants are regarded as equals, and each person is his or her own teacher. We meet to practice being real with each other and to benefit from the sharing of experiences and insights from each other's journeys. The role of the facilitator is to hold a clear place of vision, to share from his or her wisdom as he/she feels moved on the cusp of the now, and to invite others to do the same.

Is there a structure to the discussion in fellowship?

Yes, although not in the conventional sense. The premise for fellowship at Sacred Reality is the shared goal to access the now together, or to grow in the understanding of how. The fellowship facilitator is responsible for holding his or her presence in the now and for making his or her wisdom of how to achieve this, available to everyone. All are invited to also hold the presence of the now for themselves and share their wisdom of how to do so, to the degree they are able. If they are unable in that moment, then it is anticipated that they will be real about where they are at with a genuine openness to investigating the deeper processes of their own mind. They may do this silently while participating in the group as an observer. Or they may open up and ask questions to facilitate deeper self-investigation with feedback from others.

If the facilitator experiences an inspiration for facilitating discussion on a particular topic, he or she will bring that inspiration into expression. Otherwise, people sharing from the now or questions will shape the flow of discussion.

What is the value of fellowship?

  • Practice at being in the now and communicating from the now with others who are riding that same present wave, or at least who have that goal
  • Enhancement of personal understanding from seeing the practice of waking up to vision from other perspectives through other people's questions and experiential sharings
  • Enhanced development of trust in the transition from material perception to awakened vision from communing with others who have the same goal for themselves
  • Gain insight into some personal questions from others who have relatable experience

Where do fellowships take place?

On campus at Sacred Reality University in Kingston, NY. Email using the form below to register for a specific fellowship and receive directions.

When do fellowships take place?

Fellowships typically run in the evening from 7:00pm to 9:30pm with an option to run over to 10:00pm or later if the flow of discussion warrants and people want to keep going. They are run depending upon demand. If you are interested, please inquire with the form below.

What do fellowships cost?

Suggested donation of $20.00

Fellowship Inquiry