Receiving Jesus

Receiving Jesus - Sacred Heart, artistic rendering

The following is a text exchange, catching up with friend and brother in spirit, Sagar Mehta:

I feel peaceful in the fresh unknown of a new moment.
Which is exactly where I want to be.

Wow plz share your peaceful experience

Oh. Well, right now, this is readiness mode. Meaning, this is how I strive to walk around all the time so I’m ready to take my experience into my feeling sense and feel how to move authentically with it from my heart.

Wow so you are back to your heart. So happy to hear it.

Yes. I still have some temptations in the wings, meaning ways of being in my head that feel like they are close by and ready to take over if I let them. But I’ve worked through things enough that my heart space is stronger in my focus. So it’s just about walking in my newfound balance, which will make it stronger.

Wow beautiful, dear. So happy for you.

And I had a major healing last night in my Sacred Reality fellowship group.
I actually saw something about Jesus last night that gave me understanding that I never had before...

I had always had a certain internal tension around Jesus, because the story of his life did not make sense to me. But last night, I came to understand it in a way that made sense, and the internal tension relaxed...

And when that internal tension relaxed, I felt the energy of Jesus come into my being...
It lit up my heart with hot love energy... The energy felt different than the quality of love energy I have come to know from going in my heart. It had more heat to it. And it started to change the way my lower will center (solar plexus) felt, and my throat (upper will center).

It was so peaceful... I was so peaceful with that energy inside my being.

Then as I rested in this energy longer, it cleared something in my brain... which felt cool and comfortable.

And then after a while longer, I felt it open my crown chakra with a cool energy.

Wow, but don’t you think your head created this story?
Instead of Jesus, if you would have imagined Mickey Mouse with the same intensity, the result would have been the same.
Bcs Jesus might create subconscious beliefs later on.
That’s wonderful to hear about the chakra energy changes, and at the last, what matters is your feeling.
If you are in peace, then you are a winner.

My head was definitely not responsible for this.
This has all to do with what stands in the way of knowing self as the Christ.
Can you relate to the term Christ?
Or does it sound like a story?

Character who was enlightened.
We think more about him and finally we become like him.
Why to bring him?
Can’t you bring anything else which you have never heard of?
So, it means our head is bringing it?
We can only bring those things which we have heard of and get stored in our memory.

Christ as in the Christ Light
The Christ Light is not Jesus. It is the expression of Universal Consciousness.

Ohhkay... so why the name is required?
But yeah, I got you now

Everything needs a word so we can point to it.
Do you have a word for this besides Christ Light?

So here’s the deal about Jesus...

He is the persona that we know of who maximally realized the nature of the Christ Light while on Earth.
The reason he is maximal is because his life story includes surmounting the sting of death. This is one thing that other prophets did not.



Although by his own words, he is not maximal because he said you can do all that I have done and more.
Which means that you, Sagar Mehta, are maximal.
If you will only claim the truth of who you really are.



So, I heard two things last night that were important for me...

Plz tell

First, I heard that it is not that a person should believe in Jesus Christ and then they are saved. That’s bogus horse-[dung].
It is that a person must realize, such that they know it to be true, that they are themselves what Jesus knew himself to be.

Now, I knew that before... But it was stated so clearly last night that I saw it more clearly and deeply.

The second thing is bigger and I wonder what it will be like to share it...

I have had the Adam and Eve story as part of my spiritual psychology studies, so I’m comfortable with it being discussed either as a metaphor of how people fall from grace within their own mind, or as a theory of actual history. I don’t really care because it’s the spiritual truths diagramed by the story that are real in either case.

So, the second thing went like this...

Adam gave the Christhood away. Meaning, he was created in a form and condition where he experienced himself as the fullness of the Christ Light in physical expression from the beginning. And he knew nothing else. But he lost it by getting distracted into form and developing an ego structure from which to think instead of from his heart in the now on the cusp of the unknown.

Adam then became the example of how to be a human to all who came after him. We learn to model and believe what we are capable of from those who came before us and serve as our examples. Adam gave an example of being fallen from the heart and lost in the head without knowing it, as the example of how to be human. And this example is also a weak human, because being in the head is a disempowered state. Whereas walking in the flow of Universal Mind places one in the flow of Universal Creative Power... which cannot be wielded by the head but only expressed as an extension of the heart... or enjoyed when one is aligned with one’s heart.

JesusJesus was the return of the spirit expression of Adam. He returned to correct his [crummy] example, so humanity could have a better example to follow... one where the true nature of self as the Christ Light was made evident.

And I am that Christ that Jesus demonstrated. We are all one. There is only one Christ Light.

So in a sense, I returned in the biography of Jesus to set right the example that I had previously made a mess of as Adam. So that I, as all the people on Earth, could have a better chance at winning the game of waking up to myself as the Christ Light on Earth in this lifetime.


So, what always bothered me about Jesus’ biography was the part about how people would say that he died for our sins so our sins are forgiven. And I’d go, huh? [What] is that supposed to mean?
I don’t even get that as a metaphor for a spiritual truth.

And that issue and everything that surrounded it, bothered me.

Beautifully explained
Am in silence, just feeling the words and its meaning

Why the crucifixion? Seems like a [crummy] storyline to have to fulfill... And to accomplish what again? It didn’t add up. And so there was an ambient tension inside my being that made me hold Jesus, whatever Jesus was, away from me.

Before I put what I saw last night together, I gotta cover one more topic... Lucifer.

Lucifer’s name means Angel of Light.
His story goes that he was one of God’s strongest and most beautiful and righteous angels, until he got a bug up his butt and decided to doubt God and act with an independent will.

This tells the story of the human soul.

The human soul is a spark of the Christ Light, the expression mechanism of God. But then we went in our head, forgot how to feel God in our heart, doubted God’s existence, and walk around not in the flow but acting out our ego dream instead.

You are making awesome sense

Adam fell because he partook of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

That is the thought process of judgment… when we try to figure out from our head whether something is good or bad.

Right and it’s a trap.

Like your dad deciding it was bad that you dropped the coke bottle by accident [and yelled about it].
It wasn’t bad; it just was. But the way your dad eats of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, dropping a coke bottle is bad.

So, Adam tangled with Lucifer, meaning he fell into the temptation of judging from his head and developed an ego structure.

Lucifer also either stands for or holds the space for beings who are attracted to the sense of power they feel from acting out from their head. They like it, and they don’t want to give it up. There are souls on this Earth who act this way. They were part of our conversation last night… this element of those who are attracted to darkness and want to maintain it.

They could be called Luciferians.
You and I are not. We are attracted to the Light.

And death is the ultimate sting of Lucifer.

God is Life itself. We are born into a seed that the Christ Light is meant to unfold into and grow to full blossom.
Jesus made a demonstration of full blossom.

But instead of blossoming, we take Adam’s example and stay a seed. Instead of blossoming into our full nature as the Christ Light, whatever that would look like, we use the life force we came in with like a battery pack, walking around in our head until our battery power is up.

So, here’s the second thing I saw last night...

Am reading plz continue

Processing what I was hearing in fellowship and feeling into in the twilight of the unknown, I saw that the human expression as Adam gave the Christ away, succumbing to Lucipher and setting this example for all to follow. Then this human expression as Adam returned as Jesus to make right what was lost. I felt it was just the same as how I naturally clear up a misunderstanding by going back to make things right with new clarity that allows healing and resolution to occur. In Jesus’ biography, the Christ engaged Lucifer and transcended him, and then went on to defeat the sting of death.

I had heard before that Jesus was the second Adam. But this was the first time I saw that Jesus’ biography went as it did because Jesus was correcting what Adam lost. So that is why Jesus let the Luciferian group of Jews kill him, and then simply rose again after.

He contended with Lucifer in many ways during his biography. But that was the last.

And it also shows a demonstration of the phrase that the meek shall inherit the Earth.
Jesus did not fight for his life because he knew that Love, the power of Universal Mind, which he held in his heart (I and the Father are one), was the Source of Life itself, and that Lucifer could do nothing to usurp the power of that relationship inside his heart, and that the power of that relationship was the source of his life.

Wow so deep analysis you did

And now I also know that I have defeated Lucifer, because I am that Christ that was Jesus and accomplished these things.

So I can relax in the peace inside my heart and not fear.

Not fear the corona virus nor any other expression of deviation from the intelligent design of God’s Love.

So long as I do not allow these things to distract me from this primary relationship inside my own being... my own heart.

The heart is the garden of eden.

Wow Shannah, you are talking like a divine

Walking outside the heart is where all the wilderness and danger is

Love you so much

Toldya I had a healing last night.
And it permeated and changed my chakras.
It was deep.

It’s amazing, actually, how easy it is to breathe with this peace inside me

May this peace remain in your heart forever, blessings and love

Thank you. I hope to share it as a by-product of walking in it.

Yes, you did a great thing by sharing it with me

I’m glad I could share it with you this way tonight.

Spiritual Science Active in this Experience: 

Jesus stated: “No man cometh unto the Father but by me.” And historical figures corrupted and concealed the truth he was speaking by turning it into a religion of specialness. It’s understandable that his words were made into a religion simply because a soul that thinks via its ego programming is a religious mind. It will make religion (or a dead rulebook of ideas of what is good, what is bad, and what should and should not be done) from anything it values. However, albeit understandable, it is also really unfortunate… Perhaps encapsulating Jesus’ story and message in a religion preserved it to some degree. But it also taught it as a story to be believed instead of as a parable and message to decode the psychological experience of waking up into our true nature as the Christ... Login as member to read the whole explication

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