Ascending into the Light of Love

Throughout my spiritual journey, my ability to experience love has changed. I always had a very high ideal of love. I always believed that love was, in its purest form, absolute, unconditional and perfectly stable. That was a hope that kept me striving ever higher to achieve that...Read more

Christmas Star: The Spiritual Self Depicted

I was driving down the road one day, pondering. By pondering, I mean considering subjects within the theater of my mind and feeling what I can see deeper about them intuitively. Driving is great for that.

On this day, I was reflecting on the fact that there seems to be a rather...Read more

Writing accelerates spiritual growth

Writing offers a level of reflection that just doesn’t occur any other way. When I chose to write about seeing my horse, Rose, early one evening instead of going to tango, I chose to write it because I felt it important and worthwhile to share. It was a very clear example of what it’s...Read more